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Fluence puts $8.4 million into Peru project

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Fluence is investing $8.4 million in a seawater desalination plant in Peru to provide process water to industrial clients.

The company has signed a 10-year water purchase agreement (WPA) with an industrial customer that will generate $1.7 million in yearly revenue. The contract is for 1.1 million cubes of industrial-grade water a year.

The initial plant installation will comprise five Nirobox SW-XL smart packaged units and is expected to be operational by end of Q2 2019. The WPA is based on the initial plant investment and capacity.

Fluence expects to expand the facility to 10 Nirobox SW-XL units in the future and is in talks with additional customers. The project could generate up to $5 million in annual revenues at full capacity, the company said.

Fluence secured rights to design, build and operate the plant in a water scarce industrial region about halfway down the coast of Peru.

This is Fluence’s third project-financed build, own, operate contract of 2018.

“Our smart packaged Nirobox seawater system… will provide highly sought-after relief for industrial clients in this arid region of Peru. As Fluence expands into this new geographical and industrial region, the provision of reliable process water will allow our industrial customers to continue to plan for sustainable growth,” said Fluence managing director and chief executive Henry Charrabé.

Source: https://www.desalination.biz


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