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Interview with Joan Leal, President of Oceanus Power and Water South America

Desalination in Latin America 2020: Current Status and Projections

The report has been prepared to show the perspectives, trends, challenges and opportunities for the desalination industry in the Latin American region. The report contains information about the COVID-19 impact and key challenges affecting the desalination industry in Latin America and about featured projects aimed at the development of the desalination in region of Latin America, and also predicts global and regional trends that will influence the desalination in the next 5 years

Overview of flagship desalination investment projects in Latin America

The report contains an overview of planned or ongoing investment projects for the construction and renovation of desalinization plants in Latin America

Facts and figures

With the population of more than 650 million people, Latin America represents one of the largest emerging markets for desal and reuse. 2020-2021 is expected to be the biggest year-on-year jump of water consumption in Chile’s mining sector. The consumption forecast predicts 10.3% increase