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Among the Speakers and VIP guests 2019

speaker photo

Rodrígo Silva


Trends Industria

speaker photo

Martin Brandenberger

Senior Process Engineer Thermal & Renewable Energy


speaker photo

Patricio Herrera

General Manager

Econssa Chile

speaker photo

José N. De Pierola Canales

Water Resources Manager

Southern Peru Copper Corp.

speaker photo

Jose Antonio Ramirez

General Director

CKC Chile

speaker photo

Oscar Cristi

General Director for Water

Ministerio de Obras Publicas Chile

speaker photo

Arq. Ricardo Cisneros Rodriguez

Managing Director

Comisión Estatal de Agua de Baja California

speaker photo

Fernando Olave


ICP Ltda. & Rockville Capital Group

speaker photo

Bon Bernard

Desalination Director


speaker photo

José Robles

Vice President Asset Optimization


speaker photo

Rodrígo Violic

Business Development

Banco Bice

speaker photo

Vasilis Fthenakis

Director Center for Life Cycle Analysis

Columbia University

speaker photo

Alonzo Zapata

Country Manager

GS Inima

speaker photo

Joan Leal


Oceanus Power & Water Latin America

speaker photo

Tom Pankratz

Independen Consultant and Editor

Global water Intelligence

speaker photo

Fernando Velasquez

Developing Director

Econssa Chile

speaker photo

Victor Gutierrez

Project and Engineering Manager

Aguas Antofagasta

speaker photo

Marco Estrada

Environmental Evaluator

Servicio de Evaluación Ambiental

speaker photo

Juan Obach

Director GPS, Ministry of Economy


speaker photo

Hoon Hyung

VP of Engineering and technical services


speaker photo

Ignacio Del Campo

Director of Engineering

NSC Agua and Consolidated Water

speaker photo

Lucía Delfina Ruíz Ostoic

Vice-Minister of strategic Development of Natural Resources

Ministerio del Ambiente de Perú

speaker photo

Manuel José Fernandez

Vice President

Comisión Nacional de Cobre, COCHILCO

speaker photo

José de Piérola

Director of water resources

Southern Peru Copper Corp

speaker photo

Andres Palomino

Business Developer Management Power & Water in Latin America


speaker photo

Rodrigo Turra

Regional Director Latin América

IDE Technologies

speaker photo

Avelino Labrador

Sales Engineer


speaker photo

Daniel Brook Peig

Technical Manager

Dow Chemical Company

speaker photo

José Luis Arraño Urzua

Project Director Desalination Plant

Econssa Chile

speaker photo

Francisco Danitz

Strategic Supplies Manager


speaker photo

Jens Wilken

Executive Director

Fitchner GmbH

speaker photo

José Humberto Catacora

Regional Quiality Manager

Backus & Johnston Brewery, Peru

speaker photo

Michael P. Tramer

VP Sales & Marketing

IDE Technologies

speaker photo

Ulrike Broschek S

Sustainability Director

Fundación Chile

speaker photo

Luis Bruzzone

Process & Quality Manager

Aguas Bonaerenses

speaker photo

Sergio Fuentes

Costumer Service corporate

Aguas Nuevas

speaker photo

Andres Cruzat

Managing Director

Rockville Capital Group

speaker photo

Francisco de la Barra G


Barros & Errázuriz

speaker photo

Diana Ewing

Business Development Manager

AES Gener

speaker photo

Marcelo Matus

Deputy Director

Centro de Energía Universidad de Chile

speaker photo

Ramón Rubio Vicente

Business Development Manager Latin America



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